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A dedicated book bug, I've been living in Catalonia for many years, and am now bringing up two little book bugs of my own. My idea is to share the books we read (many of them lovingly provided from England by my own mum), from the point of view of reading in a non-English speaking environment.

I’m also an English language teacher, and have worked with children of all ages, incorporating stories and drama into my classes whenever possible. I find the value of stories immeasurable in language development as well as for dealing with the complicated process of growing up on a day to day basis: sharing, starting school, I’m jealous, I’m angry, I’m sad, I’m different, etc. Reading is a learning experience as well as a pleasure! 

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  1. A wonderful idea Kai! I will get Monkey and Me to read to Stephan:-) Very proud of you darling!!! Love, Denise xxxx


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